Twitter DDoS'd - Not related to recent activities?

Let me start by saying, "Yeah Right, Twitter!"

Here's the problem; nobody, least of all, Twitter, really knows the extent of the information that was acquired by Hacker Croll a few weeks ago. There is only speculation as to how deep into Twitters infrastructure he got, and only he knows.

Now, just a couple of weeks after the Hacker Croll incident, Twitter suffers from a massive DDoS attack. There are 2 types of DDoS attacks, those that are meant to bring a network down completely, or those that are meant to divert the corporate I.T. guys attention for a period of time while the real work is done on the target service that isn't getting attacked.

If I were Twitter, that's where I would be focusing my attention at this very minute. What services didn't suffer from the DDoS - who accessed those services while the DDoS was happening. Any defiant who has any experience in the field at all will have erased their tracks long before anyone thought to focus on the stuff that didn't go down, and so it is likely, whatever the real purpose of the DDoS was, Twitter will have to sit on their hands until it is revealed or the person behind it slips up.

So, you might find yourself asking, "Well what should you do in a DDoS situation?"

Other's will have different opinions I am sure, but my answer is simple. Focus 50% of your resources on the services that are down and the rest on the services that aren't seemingly affected.

It is always possible this was just some group of $kiddies with a network of zombies just pulling a prank, but given the amount of news around Twitter lately, and the high-profile hacks that have infected their media coverage - I find that highly unlikely.

We will see if I am right soon enough I suppose, but at bare minimum, if I were at Twitter, I would be focusing a lot of attention around performing a full site audit right now and taking inventory of every machine that has access to the internal network, as well as auditing every employee in the organization who was involved directly or indirectly with the fiasco a couple of weeks ago.

What are your thoughts?

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