The State of Internet Security - Revisited

In June I wrote a blog on the state of security on the net and I keep hearing the experts saying the same thing that I have said. In an interview with Dan Kaminsky about a recent SSL and DNS Vulnerability, Kaminsky put it out there the same way I did.

"This is our best technology for doing authentication and it failed," he said. "We'll fix it, but it's another sign that we need to revisit how we do the basics; how we do authentication on the internet."

That's exactly it, we need to go back to the drawing board. Why don't we spend some time and money and put all of these experts, and I mean the real experts, the ones who are breaking protocols and smashing the stack every day because they enjoy it, get them all in one place. Why don't we give them a digital whiteboard, all the food they can handle, and let them design a system that works!

Granted, there is no such thing as a completely secure system, but I'll bet that armed with the knowledge that we have today, the tools and a budget, we could come up with something that is a lot closer than a system that was designed before XSS and SQL Injection on the internet were even a twinkle in some $kiddie's parent's eye.

I feel a little bit better now after that rant. What really irks me is that everyone has thought it, most of us have even said it aloud! The system doesn't work. We keep trying to hack fixes into decades old code to account for these new bugs, but it's like putting a brand new Hemi into a 1982 Toyota Corolla - it just doesn't work.

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