If you follow my Tweets you probably are already aware that my talk on ESAPI was accepted and is scheduled to happen at AppSecUS 2010 in California this September. I am super excited about it!

I will be streamlining my Presentation from FROC 2010 and trying to cram a lot of information into a 45 minute presentation, and so I wanted to reach out to the community, especially to those who are thinking about coming to AppSecUS to see exactly what you guys would like me to spend my time on.

It seemed like a good deal of the questions after the presentation at FROC and the presentation(s) I had the pleasure of helping give at UberConf with Ken Sipe had to do with the following areas:

* Configuration
* Using specific components
* Cross Language Compatibility
* Encoding and Validation

So my initial plan is to reformat the presentation to address these concerns primarily and leave room for elaboration and code demos real-time.

I would love to hear what you all think and if you would like to see other areas covered as well.

I am also still in the planning phases of an ESAPI Bootcamp Training session that will either be a Webcast and/or hard-core weekend training event located in Denver, so I will keep you all posted on that.

I know I promised in my last posting that I would be throwing up some recipes and sample ideas from the book (which I have started and am working on) - however with work, life, and conference season in full swing, I have decided to put this off until this fall, when I will have more time to focus on it and more input from the community (and hopefully - a NSA reviewed GA release of ESAPI 2.0)

Hope to see everyone in California in a little over a month, and looking forward to reading your input and ideas!