Call To Arms: ESAPI Documentation Team!

We are in desperate need of some people to aid in updating and completing the documentation for ESAPI 2.0GA Release (upcoming).

If you are a technical writer, or interested in writing at all, we could use your help! After all, how many of you would actually want your developers to also write your technical documentation?

That being said - here are the primary areas we are looking for help with documentation:

  1. Installation and Configuration
    This area of the documentation has been done and done again, but still needs to be clarified and updated to reflect changes in 2.0 and consolidate some of the developer documentation (crypto) into the core documentation.
  2. Integration
    This area of the documentation needs a lot of love and attention. This area is also the least defined as far as what goes here. I envision a basic outline of:

    • Integrating Core Componenets (Encoder, Logger, Validator, etc.)
    • Extending Core Components (Adding custom validators - etc.)
    • Creating Adaptors (Authenticators, Access Control, etc.)
    • Integrating with Popular Frameworks
      • Spring
      • Struts
      • Grails
      • GWT
      • etc
  3. Real-World Solutions
    Collection of Examples of how to solve real issues encountered in applications

These are only a few that I could think of off-hand, so if you are interested in helping - get in touch with us on the ESAPI-Developers or ESAPI-Users Mailing Lists and let us know. You can always get a feel for what we have already by visiting the wiki at The ESAPI Homepage.

Dave Wichers has offered to head up this effort and work on a documentation roadmap - and he has been with the project since the beginning offering thoughts, patches, and guidance.

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