Firefox Plugins for Security Professionals - Best of 2009

Due to the overwhelming popularity of my first post back on my old blog called "Firefox Plugins for Security Professionals" ( apparantly it was even referenced in a book called 'Dissecting the hack: the f0rb1dd3n network' ) I have decided to put together a new list, highlighting the best security related plugins from 2009.

10. Fire Encryptor
The only reason this one isn't higher on the list is because it hasn't been updated to work with Firefox 3.5. However, it allows you to do quick realtime encryption, decryption, and hashing in your browser. Among the really useful scenarios where this comes in handy is when you are accessing a sensitive application on the web. You can enter a password that you will remember into the plugin, hash it, and use the hashed version of the password to login to the site.

9. Leet Key
Similar to Fire Encryptor, only this allows you to do realtime conversion to ROT13, BASE64, HEX, and URL encoded strings. Invaluable when working with injection attacks and trying to bypass filters in an application. For fun it also will convert any text into l33tspeak, morse code, binary, all upper, all lower, and BIN - as well as do simple DES encryption.

8. Tamper Data
Extremely useful plugin that allows you to tamper with a request just before it is sent to the server. Allows such useful things as changing headers (for request splitting fun), modifying POSTed parameters, adding parameters to a POST, adding/removing headers and other such goodness. You can guarantee that the bad guys are using this plugin, so you better be too!

7. ShowIP
Handy little plugin that displays the IP address of the server that you are actually on in the lower right hand corner of the browser status bar. Allows quick one-click access to whois data as well as the ability to copy the ip address to the clipboard for a quick paste into your favorite port-scanner.

6. Passive Recon
This is probably one of the most complete information gathering plugins that has ever been for a browser. A right click context menu allows you to find a wealth of useful and useless information about a target server. You can discover public services available on a server, all servers in the domain, what architecture the server is using, what commonly used ports are open, and a good deal more.

5. Hackbar
A CLI type interface for messing with URLs. This toolbar is mainly aimed at discovering SQL Injection flaws, but also has several built-in macros for XSS, Encryption, and Encoding flaws as well. Any serious analyst or security-focused developer should definately have this little gem in their toolbox.

4. Torbutton/FoxyProxy
Oldie but goodie! While the TOR network is by no means perfect for anonymizing internet traffic it is light years ahead of most every other easily accessible anonymyzer. TOR is one step down from a pwn'd proxy chain (although it is a very big step down) and although it is generally slower than molassis, if you are stealth scanning an application, it is extremely powerful and easy to use.

3. UrlParams
A quick easy access sidebar plugin that gives you complete access to all the POST and GET parameters on a request. Probably the most useful feature is the ability to replay a modified request to a new tab. It also gives you quick access to the referer header for black-hat SEO spamming if your into that kind of thing.

2. Web Developer
This plugin is an absolute MUST-HAVE for anyone using firefox to break applications. It puts a wealth of information about the current page at your fingertips. If you haven't seen this plugin you have probably been living under a rock for the last 5 years.

1. Firebug/Firecookie
Still at the #1 spot for the third year running is the Firebug plugin. Teamed up with Firecookie there is virtually nothing you can't do to a running webpage. Debug the javascript served from the server to find exploitable bugs, grep all the in memory javascript for evals, examine ajax requests and responses, monitor load times for time-based attacks, and on and on and on. Like the web developer plugin, if you have heard of at least firebug, chances are you have been living under a rock for the last few years!

That does it for my 2009 list. And they are all available as a collection from my shared collections on the Mozilla Add-Ons site:

Best of 2009 - Security Plugins

What are your favorite plugins?

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